Saturday, June 21, 2003

Well today was J's last day at the hospital. It was long for us! We ran a bunch of errands, we went to the bank and got our mail held, to the hospital and then to the grocery store. We had a friend over for dinner and he is extremely allergic to garlic. So I bought a special meal for him. He is going to be making us a headboard for our bed. I am really excited about it. It is going to look so good. I did some more scrapbooking today. I have only 5 more pages to do and I will be updated!!! Then I will use the small room for the yard sale stuff. I already have a lot of things I am going to be getting rid of. It should make for moving a lot easier, hopefully. We shall see, right? Anyway the kids and I played outside for about 3 hours tonight waiting for J to come home. I am going to brag about Monkey now. He has started to do a few new things that I have forgotten to write about. He signs the word more. But it isn't for food like GG did. For instance he went down the slide and then signed more. It was really cute so I put him on the slide again. He also says the work gentle. We are always telling him to be gentle with us and GG that he learned to say it. I am tired and we have church tomorrow morning so I am going to go to bed.

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