Sunday, June 22, 2003

We woke up this morning after a really long night of barely any sleep. J and I stayed up late getting things ready for the two week trip. About half an hour after I fell asleep GG woke up whimpering and crawled into our bed. I put my arm on her to give her a hug. I felt something moist. So I checked her pants and she had peed. So we all got up and changed the bedding. I was completely shocked by this because she went potty right before we went to bed. But as J reminded me we didn't eat dinner until 8 last night so it threw her off I guess. She only had one glass of milk with dinner. Oh well. Back to today we went to church and then to Belinda's house to give her a key so she could keep an eye on our place while we are gone. Then to HyVee for lunch. Went home packed the car and we were out of there by 2pm. The kids both slept the first half. Then they played the second half. They did really well for being in the car for 4 hours. As they get older they do much better. Plus they entertain each other in the backseat! When we got to my dad's we made dinner on their gas grill nice! I want one. Now we are searching different places for places to live. I am going to look at some more with J now.

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