Friday, June 27, 2003

Today we started looking for houses. Let me tell you small houses for a lot of money. Anyways, after looking at houses we went to the grocery store to get some food to eat. This man came up to us and said to GG, "Hi Kid" her reply was "Hi Dummy" She learned that from her aunt Becky. We really didn't do much else today. Monkey is becoming a lot more daring at his walking attempts. It is exciting and a little nerve racking. I just hate when he falls and gets hurt. I guess you can't protect them all the time. Oh yeah Grandma and Grandpa came home from vacation and the kids got new clothes from Door County. Really cute stuff. Now we are going to try and get the kids to sleep. I don't know how easy that will be with all the excitement of grandparents and presents!

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