Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Today was a little cold and it rained this morning so we didn't go to the zoo but we have a rain date on Thursday. It didn't look like rain that day so we are all good. This morning we got up at 9am and got ready then we hit the malls. I got four new shirts for 16 dollars that is with tax included. I am so happy about them they are really cute. I also got a new bra :) Then we just walked around and looked in a bunch of stores. GG had a lot of fun in the Disney store. She also liked Bath and Body Works, because she got to put lotion on. She loves lotion. After spending about two hours or so shopping we went to get food. Then we went back to grandparents house for naps. While the kids slept I watched the movie We Were Soldiers. It was a great movie. J left me for about three hours so he could go play golf with his dad. I am glad that they got to spend good time together. I just wish I didn't have to be stuck alone in a house that isn't mine with two little kids. When they came home we ordered pizza for dinner. While waiting for the pizza we took the kids to the park. GG absolutely loved it. It was all new things for her to do. Monkey also enjoyed swinging and going down the slides. I love the face Monkey makes when sliding. He opens his mouth really wide and twists his tongue. It is very cute. Playing at the park worked up a big appetite in GG. She ate two whole pieces. J and I ate the rest of the pizza with a little help from Grandma. Now Grandma is playing with both kids which is great because I don't have to entertain them. After I post this I am giving both kids a bath. Then we are going to try and get them to go to bed early tonight. We'll see.

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