Thursday, June 19, 2003

We had a wonderfully fun day. This morning we got ready and then went to the park for the little lunchers story bunchers. Last summer they had enough food for all the kids and parents but not this summer. Oh well GG really enjoyed listening to the story. Plus our three friends with new borns were there! After the kids ate they played at the park. It was great because a girl watched GG and Mason so Angie and I could just relax. It wasn't a stranger she came with Angie. We did a lot of things outside today; bubbles, sidewalk chalk, playing at the park (three different ones), and taking a walk. My brain is fried from being tired. I have been sitting here thinking about funny stories that happened today which I know they did because they do everyday! Like yesterday GG talked to Joanna on the phone and she just randomly started singing. She sang the B-I-B-L-E, itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle little star and another song I can't remember. Then when she was done she said, "ok enough karaoke." I did some more scarpbooking which I really should of been going through things for the yard sale we are having in July. I wasn't in the mood to go through stuff. Here is a story about GG that happened today. There was a fly on the window. She screams, "A bug! A bug!" Then she tells the bug to stay there as she runs to the bathroom to get a piece of toilet paper. She comes back with the toilet paper and tries to kill the fly on the window. I guess she sees me freak out about spiders all the time she thinks all bugs are bad. What a goof. Now the stories are just coming...the other day J asked GG where babies come from and she told him the hospital! I thought it was cute. Now Monkey is becoming a very funny little boy as well. He flirts with the ladies I think he gets that from Daddy. He does things that he knows Daddy doesn't want him to do. It is funny to watch because he does it and waits for a reaction from J. The little stinker! Back to today J worked at Ball Fore today so we took dinner to him and we had a family picnic that was nice. Now he is home and we are going to go to bed.

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