Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Long day here. J worked at the hospital all day so I had no help from him. We got back and went to Chandler Park for a picnic lunch with Kristen and Ethan. Then we went back to their house to go swimming. GG really liked swimming which I knew she would. Monkey on the other hand did not like the water at all. It was kind of cold. It also started the bad day for GG. Ethan throw a cup at her head and left a mark. Then we came home and she wouldn't take a nap for the life of her. I was getting so mad. Monkey slept awesome, longer than he normally does. When Monkey woke up GG took a face plant into the floor. Another fat lip for her. So I took her out to the hospital to see daddy, Monkey came too. She wanted him to look at her mouth. She was trying to fall asleep in the car but I didn't let her. So we came home and made dinner and then went outside to play. I was doing everything I could to keep her awake. The plan was to keep her up until 8pm. Well she ended up falling asleep at 7:55 downstairs in the recliner. She was sitting next to me and I was holding Monkey who was sleeping as well. So I took him upstairs first then tried to get her upstairs without waking her up. Didn't work. So she cried for about an hour and now she is finally calmed downed and sitting here watching tv. Oh yeah her crying woke Monkey up. Oh well. I am hoping to get her and Monkey both asleep by at least 10pm. I don't think that will happen. But I can try. J isn't here so I doubt I will get much sleep anyway.

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