Monday, June 16, 2003

Ok I have some funny stories from today. Well one has been happening for a long time I am just remembering to write about it. In the bathtub I nurse Monkey in the mornings. GG has a baby doll she brings in the tub with her. As I nurse Monkey she sits in the tub and nurses her baby doll. It is super sweet. The other happened today at the park when we were playing out there. GG always gets rocks in her sandals. Today she said, "Mommy come help me I have a rock in my right sandal." It was great I knew which foot to go to and the problem was solved! Monkey had a first today and you could say a second. He took his first step day. He was holding on to the window and let go to come to me. Then at tumbling tonight he was holding on the roller thing. It rolled away from him and he was standing there and he took two steps before he got to it. I don't know if he would have taken anymore but it was cool to see. So today we played outside a lot, kids took naps (not at the same time), we went to tumbling class, and then got groceries. After we put the groceries away J went to run and lift weights. J just gave both the kids a bath and now we are going to try and get them to sleep. One last thing today at tumbling class I had a mother ask me, she is also a stay-at-home-mom, if I spend most of my day trying to wear the kids out so they will go to sleep. I felt bad cause both of my kids have always been great sleepers. Plus, with two they wear each other out!

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