Sunday, August 17, 2003

Another early post! I want to say that GG is a musical genius. She was playing with a kazoo, making music. I stopped to listen to her and she was playing Jesus loves me. When she got done I asked her what she was playing and she told me Jesus loves me. I could totally make it out. It was really cool to hear her do that. Anyway, J left again today, I hate when he leaves. It isn't even being a single parent that bothers me it is simply that fact that he isn't with us. I love being around him and spending time with him and so on. It just feels like a piece of me leaves when he goes back to the academy. I can't wait for the next six weeks to be over. Just so I can have my husband back. I am really going to miss all my friends but I would rather have no friends and have J then all the friends in the world and no J. Does that make sense? I just want him to be back home with us. Well enough talk about that because it is starting to make me miss him more. We are still at Grandma and Grandpa's house. But the only people home are us and Grandpa. I will update later if something fun or note worthy happens.

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