Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Before I tell you about the last two days I want to tell you I had this all typed out and then Monkey unplugged the computer. What a little stinker. I couldn't believe him.
Let's see how do I describe yesterday because the computer wouldn’t let me on the Internet. It was hard I think I have finally figured out what the deal with GG is. After having daddy home all weekend she acts up on Monday. I can't tell you how many times she sat on the stairs waiting for the timer to go off so she could get up. Well actually I could it was two but still it should be none. Tonight we went to VBS or as GG calls it BBSS. She is too funny. She got some playdough to take home and keep. She loved that! Then we got to talk to J on the phone. That was pretty much our day. I do want to tell you a story that happened last night after I got of the computer. Monkey was sleeping, GG and I were on the bed cuddling while watching t.v. I looked at GG and couldn't tell if she was sleeping or not. So I asked her if she was asleep. And she said, "Yes". I laughed so hard because if she was sleeping she wouldn't of heard me and therefore she wouldn't of answered me!
Now for today...we got up and went on a bus ride. Both the kids thought that was the greatest thing in the world. It was only a bus ride! Before we got on the bus GG had her Dora doll and when we got on the bus it was gone. She dropped it. When we got back we looked all over and remembered seeing a neighbor girl riding her bike before we left. So I went to her house and asked her if she had seen it she had it. GG was so happy to get it back...before we looked she laid down on the ground looking really sad and I asked her what was wrong and she said she was sad that she lost her Dora doll. Which is why I went looking for it. After lunch we had a play date with Ethan and Mason at the swimming pool. It was cool because our other friend (John -GG's friend and Thomas -Monkey's friend) ended up being at the pool too so we had a little playgroup at the pool. When we came home the kids slept for two hours. It was great because I got some art projects done while they slept. Then tonight we had the last night of VBS and it was a picnic (no cooking for me!) GG had a lot of fun as well as Monkey. When we came home we talked to J and now we are getting ready for bed.

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