Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Wow, thanks for the response from my blog last night it made me realize actually how many people read it. I want to start out with something that happened last night. The kids were asleep and I was watching tv and nothing good was on so I decided to use the light to watch Monkey sleep. As I was watching he smiled and had a little giggle with it. It made me feel good that he had fun during the day and dreamed about. Today we got woke up by the phone at 9:40 which is a good thing because we had a play date at 12:30pm. We got ready and ran a few errands before heading over to Grace's house. We ended up leaving there at 3pm. Monkey didn't take a morning nap so he was tired I guess I just didn't realize how tired! When we got home GG had to go potty so when I got to the house I put Monkey down (standing up) and opened the bathroom door for her. I then went to check on Monkey who apparently dropped to the floor where I put him down and went to sleep. It was the funniest thing to see. I mean he was not even two steps from the front door. I laid down and rested didn't actually sleep. After dinner GG played with my hair, I love when she does that. I started packing the car for our road trip tomorrow. This will be the first trip by myself. So please prayer that we make it in one piece.

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