Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Last night I went to Target and bought Jeff an electric razor while GG went on a walk with Aunt Becky. Today we got up and packed the car after I did a load of laundry so we brought back all clean clothes which reminds me we are back home! I love having all my stuff. We got back just in time to grab a quick bit from Subway and to the LLL meeting. Then we came home and all took a bubble bath to cool us down. Then daddy called and we all got to talk to him. I am thinking that I need to go turn the air on because it is really sticky in here. Plus, Monkey's hair is all wet and it isn't from water! Now it is time to watch COPS! Oh yeah it took us forever to get here. There was so much construction plus there was a big accident on 80 with 2 semis flipped off the side of the road. That was a little scary. I just kept thinking we are stuck here in traffic and GG is going to have to go potty. If that happened I didn't know what I was going to do because I would of had to get Monkey out and then her and run with both of them to the bathroom! Can you see it. That would of been quite a site. Good thing that didn't happen. Ok I am really done now.

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