Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Today was a very productive day. Monkey had a doctor's appointment and GG went to Ethan's house to play. I am going to miss that. I will not be able to drop GG or Monkey off anywhere while I go somewhere. I will probably have to plan things around J's schedule like we did before. A friend of ours is making us a head board for our bed before we move. It will only be $100 I think that is pretty cheap for good quality work. I did also get about four more boxes packed. The small bedroom is almost finished. I am going to try and do one room at a time. We'll see how that goes though. I cleaned the bathroom today too. Plus, I just went through somethings and threw out some stuff and so on. I feel good about today. I will be crushed if J comes home on Friday and asks what I did. Oh well. I need to get the kids ready for bed. The last few weeks we have been doing massages and I find they sleep better at night. Well I'm off to do motherly things!

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