Sunday, August 24, 2003

My family is all asleep right now. We all laid down to take a family nap I just couldn't fall asleep. So here I am updating while they sleep! This morning we got up and had french toast for breakfast before church. It was good. J made it ;) J is going to be going back to the academy today. I hate that. I guess it is only four more times he will have to leave us. I do want to mention how blessed I have been lately. I am apart of an egroup that just rocks. The ladies are wise, wonderful Christian ladies. I'll explain...just recently a friend of mine brought to my attention that the way I parent my babies is called attachment parenting. I had never heard about it. So I asked these ladies about it and most of them are aps but the great thing is that they were able to caution me about a few areas of the ap to be careful with. One is the discipline area. In ap they practice *positive discipline* which is fine but there needs to be a balance between the positive and so called negative consequences to your children's behavior. Balance is a good thing. The other thing they brought to my attention was that we as humans have a sin nature and the parent is responsible for training a child in how to act in certain ways. Most apers let the children have whatever they request. Making the parent compliant. We are the adults and we need to have some form of authority/control. So what I am saying ap is good but with every style of parenting there is negative parts to be careful about. So as for me I am simply going to say that I am not of a particular style because I use many different parenting tools to train my child in the way they should go. So as I parent my children I will remember the true parenting book, the BIBLE! Not that there aren't other good authors but you can't argue with God's word. This is my own thoughts and they are not to condemn or make anyone feel bad. I just wanted to share this wonderful knowledge these ladies helped me find!

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