Friday, August 29, 2003

Today is Friday! Yeah that means J comes home. But first last night I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. Monkey let out a giggle. So I leaned into see if he was awake. My face touched his and it made him start laughing. He was sleep laughing. It was super cute. This morning Monkey woke up with a low grade fever. I don't know why he has it, good thing though GG is fine. We just did a lot of things around the house mostly packing and we did play outside for a bit because it was nice. After J came home at 5pm we ate dinner and ran some errands so that we aren't running all over this town tomorrow. One of the errands we groceries. One of the ladies that works there said to J "oh your back from the academy" or something like that! Then J thought that I was telling everyone that he was in the academy and I said when I have a 2 yr old that tells everyone there is no need for me to do it :) J and I rented a movie we are just waiting for the kids to fall asleep.

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