Monday, August 11, 2003

Here is our very fun filled day, of course! We got up this morning and ready just in time for Julie and her two boys at the door for our play date. The kids had a great time and we were going to go swimming but it started to rain so the pool closed. For the back up plan we went over to Ethan’s house and all five of the kids played. Came home and both kids fell asleep and I tried to get the book I am making the kids done but they woke up too soon. I am hoping to have it done by the time we move. It is a joint Christmas present for both of them. I must say that it is turning out great. It is an interactive book for them to play with. So I have done a lot of contact papering the objects so they last a long time. Then after dinner Julie and the boys came back to play. GG wasn’t very happy about that because Thomas the baby bit her in the belly and gave her a blood blister he also left a few scratch marks on Monkey as he was trying to bit him. I feel so bad for Julie she can’t get him to stop biting. (my kids aren’t bitters so I didn’t have any suggestions for her) So if there are any mother’s out there that had children that bit let me know how you got them to stop. Julie would greatly appreciate your input, as would my kids! We got to talk to J tonight. I just got done scanning all of the new pictures from Monkey’s birthday party and other various pictures. I know one more day you will have to wait to see my beautiful children :) I also wanted to thank everyone who has sent money in support of J’s fund raiser for the Special Olympics. There is still time if you want to donate so please do if you want too. Oh yeah one more thing, Monkey is getting so confident in his walking abilities that has tonight started standing on the bed. Not a very good thing when big sister is jumping on it. I am so shocked that he didn’t fall off of the bed yet. My daredevil. GG just put on one of my tank tops and it looks like a dress on her. I guess I could use one of her dresses as a shirt!

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