Saturday, August 16, 2003

The kids are sleeping so I thought I would update early today. My mom-in-law started an online journal. This morning we got up at 9:30am and J and Grandma went to the storage place to unload the van. Now the van has a big dent. Oops. Grandma accidentally backed up into the building. The bad thing is the van is a 2003 town and country. Big money! After they got back J, the kids and I went to the bank to open up savings accounts for the kids. We put their birthday money in them. We still haven't figured out what we are going to do about college funds. GG has a 529 and it is losing money right now. We have time I guess :) After the bank we shopped at Target. Then went to eat at Panera Bread. I am getting excited about moving here. There is so much things to do and so many things to spend money on. J/K After we ate lunch we stopped in at the police department. GG was so funny, everyone we came in contact was in uniform. So she says, "There's a cop, and anther one and another one." and so on. The first guy though she asked if he was daddy friend and the guy said it was too early to tell. He was kidding of course. Who could not like J??? Then we came back here and put the kids down for there naps. Then I started fiddling with the computer because they have DSL I don't have to worry about the phone. I am going to make flyer's next for my pre-playgroup playgroup. I don't think I mentioned this yet. Donnice said that since I am moving and the first playgroup starts the day we leave that I can have playgroup with invitation only for the first three weeks of school. I am so excited! It will be a going away playgroup. Which is really sad to think about but it will be fun none the less. I am also going to look up some playgroups here and LLL meetings. I think they have about 20 different groups throughout the suburbs. I will make friends for me and the kids even if it kills me!!! Well I am off to do more things while my babies are sleeping. No wait I mean my toddlers are sleeping. I have been saying this for about two weeks now but I officially have two toddlers!!!

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