Friday, August 15, 2003

I'll start with J got here at 7 and not 9 like I expected. That was great. We didn't do much today because it was so hot out. Last night after I updated I looked through the archives to find out when Monkey's first tooth came through. I needed to know for his baby book. I thought since I had four people chomping at the bits to get to both kids I let them play with them while I looked. As I was reading through the past I am so happy that I have written almost everyday. I read somethings I forgot even happened. It was great. I know one day the kids will love to look back at what we did together. Anyway, tonight after J ate we went through the downstairs and loaded up the van of things that are going to the storage. We are only taking one load, which is great because we have so much to do tomorrow. Everything else downstairs is being thrown away! Now I am going to go and spend some time with my wonderful family.

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