Sunday, August 03, 2003

It is another sad Sunday when daddy goes back to the academy. It is so true about absents makes the heart grow founder. I get the biggest lump in my throat as he drives away. Well anyway, enough of my sad story. Today we went to church and then ate lunch at Hy-Vee. They have some pretty good food. Then J and the kids took naps and I ran to the grocery store. J left here at 4:30pm :( Tonight GG went to VBS at her friend Mason's church. She has a lot of fun. While she was there Monkey and I ran over to the K's house to kill some time and catch up with them. We have a pretty full week and hopefully it will make the time go by fast. I do need to start packing so I think that I will start doing that while the kids nap. They have started getting on the same schedule. YAY!

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