Saturday, August 30, 2003

Last night was rough! Monkey wanted to nurse all night. When he couldn't he would cry. He ran a low grade fever most of the day. We got him some more medicine for the fever cause we ran out last night. We also bought GG's christmas or birthday present at Wal-mart today. If you are wondering what it is, I'm not telling! Then J and GG went to rent a movie they got Charlie Brown and Winnie the Pooh. J mainly did things around the house today, he cleaned a lot of things and packed some more. I mainly just held Monkey and nursed him. He just wanted me all day. I couldn't even put him down when he was sleeping because he would wake up. Fine with me...getting to just lounge around all day :) I'm glad that this happened when J was home and not during the week. Well Monkey needs me.

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