Wednesday, January 11, 2006

God is GOOD!

Today my Bible study started back up and it was so great to be there and learn more about biblical principles on raising children. I have really have gotten a lot out of this study so far. J and I don't do New Years resolutions because we figure what's the point no one ever sticks to them so when we first got married we made a resolution to never make a resolution again. And that was the first time I ever kept my resolution!!! Anyways, J and I are reading the Bible in a year in chronological order. But this is not a resolution! It is so nice to be reading it with him, we have been able to talk about what we read and talk about what we learned from the Bible that day.

Another thing God has shown me how good He is, is through our house. Our bathroom drain got plugged up and wasn't draining. Through people J knows at work we were able to get it fixed at a pretty good price. Of course, it did put a little strain on the check book but I know God will provide somehow, I trust him. But I look at our house and location and I am so amazed that we live here and are able to pay our bills every month.

I also see God's goodness in my new nephew who was born today to J's brother Joe and his wife Virginia. He was a healthy 8lb 14oz baby boy. I just can't wait til we can go see them, have to work the details out with J first!

I will leave you with this verse:
Psalm 85:8 "I will hear what God the Lord will say; For He will speak peace to His people, to His godly ones; But let them not turn back to folly."

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