Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Well after months of talking and planning and buying we started work on our bathroom. On Saturday my in-laws came over and Jeff and my father-in-law demolished the bathroom. I am thankful for how handy my father-in-law is and that he is willing to come over and help Jeff do stuff in our house. (And that my mom-in-law comes with the dogs for the kids to play with.) He has helped Jeff lay the hardwood in the living room and dining room. He is going to be helping us lay the tile in the bathroom once everything gets ready. I am also very thankful for how fast we are moving on this project. When we started we both expected it to take about 6 weeks but as fast as everything is moving along it looks like it is only going to take about 3 or 4 weeks. The plumber is finishing on Sunday and the tub will be installed. Then we have to get a dry wall guy in to do the walls. Next is painting which we will do our selves. Then the floor installation then the fixtures; toilet, vanity, mirror, lights, etc. We have most of the stuff bought and in the spare bedroom just waiting. I think lights and towel racks are the only things needed to be purchased. Very excited about a non-leaking bathroom!!! I truly am blessed with some great in-laws and I am so thankful for them :)

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