Saturday, November 12, 2011

My charming life :)

Today I am thankful for family who watches our kids for us. Tonight I am especially thankful for Aunt Becky...she watched the kids while Jeff and I went on a date. I am thankful for our date tonight, they are so few at this point in our life but we hope to improve that soon! When GG can sit that will be SO nice. Tonight Jeff and I went to see Building 429 they are such a great band. Leeland and Royal Tailor played before them. I had never heard of Royal Tailor but they put on a pretty good show. I really LOVED watching Leeland. First of all the lead singer was a REDHEAD! He had such spunk like my Red I could imagine him up there singing! Also they had a girl bass player, how cool is that?! Super cool. Then Building 429 came on and played some of my favorite songs. I was SO happy. I absolutely LOVE this song...check it out here and they played it! Then we got some VIP passes to meet the bands after the show. It was so nice to meet them. We got to ask questions and then got autographs. The last question of the night was Jeff's for Building 429 and it was such a great question that the guy had all the bands answer it. Well except Leeland he somehow got skipped. You want to know what he asked don't you? He asked them what their first concert that they ever went to. There was some pretty interesting answers!!! As we were in line getting autographs they asked for help with tearing down the set so the band could get to their next show on time. They offered free tickets to Chris Tomlin for anyone that helped. So Jeff and I helped but we can't go to the concert. It is on Wednesday night about 2 hours away. But we know someone who is going to school where the concert is so hopefully she will be able to use them! It was just such an uplifting night. I wasn't going to share this because I'm really not looking for people to think I am so great but I just feel like it was such a God thing, I just have to share. The band's tour was called the Hope Tour and they were supporting the organization Food for the Hungry. The lead singer of Building 429 was talking about sponsoring a child and I just really felt called to take one of those kids so I kept looking at Jeff to see if he thought it would be ok. He didn't look at me or say anything while the guy was talking. As soon as he was done talking he asked for people to raise their hand if they wanted a child. Jeff immediately put his hand up and he gave us a child. I almost started crying when we turned it over and saw a girl in 5th grade just like our GG. Of all the kids we could of gotten we got one the same gender and age as one of our own children.

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