Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My youngest!

I know two posts in one day but I just have to document her today. On Wednesday I help in the cafeteria at school. I was working and Peanut says she has to go to the bathroom I asked her if she needed to go pee or poop to which she said she had to poop. Ok, she knows where to go so I told her to go ahead and go potty and I would be in in a few minutes to wipe her. I also told her not to scream for me because I won't hear her but I will be in when I am done working. Usually my kids are like 20 minute poopers. Well I guess not today! After about 2 minutes of her being in there I noticed girls where coming out of the bathroom laughing. Then the janitor told one of the cafeteria helpers there was a kid in the bathroom calling for their mom. Um yeah, that would be MY child. I go in there and she locked the door so she had to get up and let me in. Well as she was waiting for me she decided to fill the toilet up with toilet paper. As we were washing our hands we were talking and this was our conversation.
Me: Were you in here screaming for me?
Peanut: Of course I was!
Me: Do you remember mommy asked you NOT to scream for me because I couldn't hear you?
Peanut: I forgot. I just needed you to come in and wipe my butt. I was talking to a lot of the girls while I waited for you.
Me: You did? What did you talk about?
Peanut: You know...stuff.

Oh my goodness this girl is just something else! And I think I need to start working on teaching her to wipe herself. I just think I do a better job of getting her clean and she is with me all day so why worry about teaching her that skill yet?!?! Well it looks like I need to. My baby really is growing up. Next she won't need me to help bathe her...

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