Saturday, November 26, 2011


These posts keep getting later and later. Monday is going to be killer to get up to get the kids to school! Today I am thankful for all the overtime Jeff has been getting at work. Sure it isn't normal hours (11pm to 7am) and he does have to sign up for them but it is still extra money to help cover the cost of the bathroom remodel and the impeding Christmas shopping that I still haven't really started yet. The goal is to get it all done next week while the kids are at school. We shall see if that happens. Anyway, I am thankful for his willingness and the availability of overtime. For awhile the department cut all overtime and the only way to get it was to work a detail which he would always get bumped from by someone with more time on. Now he can do some of the bumping which is nice. I better get to sleep or Monday will be even worse than it already is. And wondering if any one had a good recipe for turkey chili using already cooked turkey? I am making Turkey noodle soup tomorrow for dinner but that is only going to use a 4th of what I have left over. Needing some ideas!!! Thanks :) 

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Adina said...

Turkey tacos??