Monday, November 21, 2011


Let's see what am I thankful for today? Today I am thankful for friends in our lives. Monkey is having a friend spend the night tonight and that always brings a level of excitement in the house. Monkey has always been really good when he has a friend over in letting his siblings play with them and today was no exception. His friend has one sister who is 4 years older than him so I bet being in our house was not normal for him and having all of Monkey's siblings want to play with them. The last time GG had a sleepover with her bff she ended up getting a migraine that put her in bed for most of the night. Her friend who also has many siblings played so great with Peanut. I think Peanut thought she was having the sleepover! So I am thankful for friends who fit so well with our family and that make life exciting. Though not thankful for the lack of sleep sleepover is 11:45pm and none of the boys are sleeping yet and I think the girls finally fell asleep about 15 minutes ago.

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Adina said...

you deserve something special for allowing so many sleepovers. you are a great mom!!