Saturday, November 05, 2011


Woohoo she made the cheerleading team!!! She came home yesterday with her uniform which we made her try on for us. SUPER CUTE! I can't wait to sit in the stands and watch her. I am thankful for her love of reading even when it drives me completely nuts. I really love her fashion style and have really started to enjoy taking her clothes shopping. So thankful for her reasoning when buying clothes she will pick clothes out and decide after trying them on and LOOKING at the price tag to see what the best deal is, what 5th grader does that?!?! But she gets more clothes this way so she really is one smart cookie. I never tell her the spending limit but when she might go over a few dollars I will just go ahead and get it because she was being very considerate in her choosing...shh don't tell her that :) I love watching her grow up and feel so blessed that God gave her to us as our oldest. I love you sweet girl.

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