Sunday, November 27, 2011

A good feeling

Today Jeff and I got to go on a quick spur of the moment Christmas shopping trip. It was a lot like a date, so nice. We stopped at Walmart and got a few gifts, then headed to Game Stop and got a few more gifts, then we went to the Family Christian Bookstore and got two things none of which were gifts, then to Target and we got a few more gifts. I am happy to say that the two oldest are DONE and the two little ones only need one or two more gifts. Such a nice feeling! Now I just need teacher gifts and some extended family gifts and we'll be completely done. I will say that I am usually completely done by now and it has been a very weird feeling to still need to get stuff. It is almost like panic mode now since it is less than 30 days away. I am thankful for the alone time I got to spend with Jeff today. We had a good 3 hours just the two of us and we got to have fun like we used to before kids came along!!!

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