Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

I know I just said how much I love the kids school but I have to admit I get really excited for their school breaks. There is something about being together for a week or two to reconnect. The last couple of weeks it seemed like all the kids did when they were with each other was fight with car rides being the worst! Just like the last few Thanksgiving breaks we got a puzzle to do over break. Well we pulled it out yesterday to start it and GG and I were having such a good time together that we finished the 750 piece puzzle in ONE day. She must of gotten her love tank filled because today at grandma and grandpa's house I walked in on GG snuggling with Red. And Monkey sitting right next to them. I haven't seen her be that tender with Red in a LONG time. It brought warmth to my heart. We really needed this break to reconnect. I am thankful for bounding. I hope these bonds last a lifetime.

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Adina said...

I love it when that happens. Hope you are having a great time still. Missed you this Sunday.