Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coming along...

A guy came over and fixed all the walls in the bathroom today and now we have to pick out a paint color! That is the hardest part so far in this process. Jeff and I have such different taste on what the color should be. But we really need to get it painted so that we can keep moving on it. After painting is the floor and then everything else goes right in place! It will be no time once the floor goes in but we need to paint first which requires getting a color :) Anyways, I am thankful for handymen who come in and do a good job at a reasonable price! I'm getting excited to get that extra bathroom back. I have come to like having the master bath as Jeff and I's only. But the kids do need to shower and use the potty so they have been invading our bathroom. And I am ready for it to be only ours again! That doesn't really sound thankful more like selfish, ha.

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Kat said...

Ooooo!! I love picking out paint colors. So fun! Hope you can both decide on one. :)
And I hope we get to see pics when it is all done too!