Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have a very part time job nannying. I work one or two days a week and sometimes it is only for about 3 to 4 hours. Yesterday though I was there for almost 10 hours. I like this job for now because it gives us a little extra "fun money" which has come in handy for GG's new cheerleading endeavor, it is NOT cheap! I also like it because I get to play with a baby and they have a daughter 11 months younger than Peanut so she gets to be the oldest when we are there. It has been a great learning experience for her. It is almost like counter acting the fact that she is the "baby" of our family when I watch the kids. The girls play great together which is just another added bonus. I am thankful for this family too. They are good friends of ours so it is fun to be able to watch kids that I love like my own. We get to see them outside of "work" at church and other social things. I know that in a few years I am going to actively seek out a real full time job to keep up with our growing family...food and activities. But for right now I enjoy the very part time "job" I do have. 

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Adina said...

you are the best nanny I know!