Wednesday, December 03, 2003

So last night was J's first night working the midnight shift. The kids were good except for the fact that they stayed up until midnight. But they slept good. I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to keep them quiet while J tried to get some sleep. I took the kids out of the house so he could sleep in peace. We dropped off a bill at the post office and then we went to the library for a while. The kids loved that. I think that is one of their favorite places to go. It is always so hard to get them out of there. Today wasn't too bad though because I told them we were going to go look for a Christmas present for daddy. So we then went to Target. The kids section is right as you walk into the store so I of course stopped there first. Bad idea. I ended up getting GG some stuff for her dance class and a Christmas dress. I got Monkey a shirt to wear for Christmas too. Then I got them a hot wheels car for being good at the library and Target. I also got Monkey a 70 piece train set. I was so happy to find it because I asked the lady who worked there and she said they don't sell them. I think she thought I meant a train for around the Christmas tree. I did say it would be a present for Monkey. Oh well, I found it anyway. We have a few more presents left to get! That is so exciting. J said we can start wrapping the presents tomorrow afternoon!!! We came home around 3 and ate lunch. We ate dinner around 7, so we could eat with J. Then J gave the kids baths, to spend time with them because most of the day he was sleeping and then Monkey took a nap. Now GG is in bed. Monkey is out here with me.

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