Saturday, May 03, 2003

Ok today we got up and did some errands. J worked at the hospital all day so after the errands were done we went to see him. I don't mind J working but being gone two days in a row for 12 hours is a killer. Anyway GG did the sweetest thing today. After she wakes up from her naps we usually cuddle in the recliner. Today as we were cuddling she looked at me and said, "Mommy I love you" then she looked at Monkey who was cuddling with us and said, "I love you too Monkey" then she gave us both hugs and kisses and said "I love my family, they are the best" Talk about melt your heart. I didn't realize that she understood that we were a family. I know I write about family time on here a lot but we don't really say "family time" to her. She amazes me all the time. Then at 5pm we went bowling at the Union with Ethan and Kristen. Actually Kristen and I just let the two kids bowl. They had so much fun and actually bowled two games. We used the bumper lanes! Monkey also had fun watching everyone around him bowl. He is getting so curious about the world around him. I love it that he is getting his own little personality. After bowling we came home and made dinner just in time for J to come home and eat with us as a "family" :) Right now the three of them are in the bath tub taking a bubble bath. J is calling for me so I think that he wants me to come get one of the kids!

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