Sunday, May 04, 2003

Today was a rainy and drab day but that is ok because J got out of working tonight! This is the first day he has had off in a long time. So we got up and went to church this morning. I am so excited that GG is going to get to go to VBS for the first time this summer. They are making an exception because she isn't old enough yet but she is potty trained! The age is 3 years but they have to be potty trained. I am going to do the nursery with Monkey. I am excited because we don't make it to church early enough to go to Sunday school and this way she will get to hear Bible stories and sing song her two favorite things to do. Plus she loves to read the Bible at night before bed so she should have a lot of fun. When we came home our friend Joe and his girlfriend Shannon came over. The boys played playstation and us girls talked and played with the kids! I decided to get on the internet early tonight because the kids are sleeping right now. They are taking a late nap because we had company. GG loves to entertain company! Her newest saying is "okey dokey karaoke" it is hilarious. Monkey is getting another tooth on the bottom it just hasn't broken through yet. And he likes bananas! We aren't doing the shopping today because we just went Thursday and it is raining.

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