Sunday, July 06, 2003

The first thing I saw this morning was my wonderful husband sitting on the bed as he watched us sleep. We were going to wake the kids up but J didn't want too. We got up this morning and went to church. I don't know why I even went because I spent the whole service in the nursery with both the kids. For some reason GG has stopped liking the children's church. Monkey has never liked being left in the nursery which is why I stayed. I thought that having GG in there with him would help but it didn't. I think that J will be able to go with us the rest of the academy. Then later today after the kids took naps I wrote J a letter while GG painted a picture and then colored a picture to send to J. We went to Belinda's house for dinner tonight and ended up missing J's phone call. I was sad but this way the kids get to hear his voice. So I guess that is ok. I am hoping that he will call us before we have to go to tumbling tomorrow night. He is going to think we don't want to talk to him. Today wasn't very bad, until GG started asking when Daddy is coming home. So I put five pieces of candy in a sandwich bag and told her we would eat one everyday and when they are gone daddy will be home. She seemed to understand and I hope that will make it easier on us. Well Monkey has started doing some new things. He learned how to get himself on GG's bed. That is ok because for the first time he got himself off of our bed and her bed by going backward. I was so happy because we have been working on it. Then he got himself up the step stool we have downstairs it has two steps and it is very steep. He has been working on that for awhile. He is also doing better with walking. He will take a few steps then stop, take a few more and then fall. The total number of steps I think is 7 before falling. It won't be long and he will be a pro. That is it from this end of the world!

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