Sunday, July 13, 2003

I had a very hard day today. For some reason my eyes kept filling up with tears. I tried to fight them but no matter what I did they kept coming. I think it was because I knew that J was going to be leaving again for the week. GG noticed the water in my eyes and also the drops rolling down my face and said, "Mommy why are you crying like a baby?" Which of course made me laugh. Talk about confusing for a toddler. Too many emotions! I am doing ok now. So today we went to church came home and ate lunch. Then we played outside together as a family. We blow some bubbles, played at the park and ate freeze pops! 3pm came so fast. Why doesn't it come fast when J isn't here?!? After J left the kids took naps and I did more yard sale sorting. When they woke up we went to get groceries. Came home ate dinner and headed back to church for the VBS meeting. Which also means that we missed J's call. We got home at 9:15 and it started at 7:30. Neither one of us thought it would last that long. Oh well he knows when we will be home the rest of the week so hopefully we will get to talk to him every night! It is late and I am exhausted.

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