Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Today we got up and headed over to Mary and Ben's house for a play date. It was a good time! While we were there GG started to get hungry and Mary offered her a hot dog. I told GG we were going to go home and eat. GG said, "Mommy, Mrs P said I could eat a hot dog here." I told her we should eat at home. She really wanted to eat with Ben so she had lunch there. I love that she is so respectful of adults. Since we woke up at 8am for some reason by the time we got home at 12:30 Monkey was ready for his nap. After I ate lunch GG took her nap. So while they slept I finished the pages in the scrapbook. I am all caught up. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that I just have to one roll at a time now. For dinner we went to the B's house. We left a message on the machine in case J called while we were gone. I told him their cell phone number so Friday he could get a hold of us in Springfield. Instead of leaving us a message he called the cell phone. So we had no message and we werem't at the B's when he called them. So they got to talk to him. Oh well. Tomorrow night I am staying home and Joanna is coming over for dinner. We just have swim lessons in the morning. Which tonights lessons were canceled because of the weather so we will have a makeup one sometime next week. I have a nursing half awake half asleep baby in my arms. I am going to put him to bed and then get GG in bed. I will say that the little ones are being great so far for me. I haven't had any problem with them they are behaving wonderfully. They are the best.

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