Saturday, February 21, 2004

The internet got disconnected last night...GRRR. The only one who knows how to router it is J and he was working. So we had to wait for him to fix it this morning. Two things I want to write about yesterday. The first is Monkey fell asleep last night without nursing, yay! And GG has quite the imagination :) At work yesterday she was pretending that pillows were babies and her and Rachael were playing house each being the mommy. When we got home and Monkey was sleeping she was pretending she was performing for imaginary people. It was too cute! She was talking to them and just having a blast. Oh yeah Becky came home from college to do laundry which she hasn't done yet. I think she is waiting for her mom to get home from her retreat so she can do it. How lazy. Speaking of Becky she ate J's dinner for work tonight. I was extremely pissed at her, I put his food in a container and said to everyone this is for J. She was like I can make him dinner now. He had to leave for work in an hour, plus why would he want to eat her food, she can't cook. Just makes me think this summer is going to totally suck. I have a feeling that we are going to have to hide our food down here or Travis and Becky are going to eat it all. They eat like pigs. And I am not joking, Travis eats a half loaf of bread in one sitting and Becky just eats all day long. Ok enough of that, this morning both the kids went with me to work so J could fix the internet. Actually GG's presence was requested by Elsye. While we were there GG's pants kept falling off of her so my other co-worker Wiesia (she is polish) made her two belts they are really cute! So when we came home we ate and J and I had some alone time. That was much needed. I am so happy that he is off tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday! I have a new title at work too. I am the green snot nazi. If the kid comes with green snot we are getting the parents and the kid is leaving the place. I am sick of getting sick from working there. We have a sheet when you sign in that says no green burgers allowed. So it is a rule! Well I am going to sign off of here and maybe take a nap...I got one yesterday and it felt so good!

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