Sunday, February 29, 2004

Well here are the significant events of yesterday. Monkey woke up with a low-grade fever so he stayed home with J while GG and I went to work. I think it was due to him teething. Remember I was invited out for "girls night out" they were going downtown Chicago for dinner and fireworks. Well since Monkey wasn't feeling good I didn't want to take him with and I didn't want to leave him either. I needed to do what was best for my babe! Even though I really wanted to go, I didn't. There is always next time. We stopped by the department for dinner with DAD before heading to my in-laws for the night! I stopped at McDonalds for some food first, I know really healthy. We were at the police station for a little over an hour. That was so nice to see him during the night and eat with him! When we got to my in-laws grandma wasn't feeling good so we just had a relaxing time there hanging out, it was fun.

This morning we went to Sunday school and church. It was such a gorgeous day!!! Sun shining and warm...I can't wait for more permanent spring weather. On the way to church Monkey was in his seat just talking away. He kept naming things he saw through his window. So it was mostly car, tree, car, tree, plane, car, tree, house! Too cute. GG went to her Sunday school class and Monkey came to ours. Then they both went to the nursery during church. GG wanted to go there instead of children's church because she wanted to play with Monkey. Who I am to stand in the way of siblings bonding! Monkey did great again today in the nursery he didn't cry at all not even 2 minutes like last time :) It is so nice to sit in church with my husbands arm around me while listening to the sermon. We went back to J's parents and ate another yummy lunch. Monkey got all wet at lunch trying to use a big boy cup. Then J left and the kids and I hung out for awhile. I ended up getting a much needed hour nap! Monkey's mouth was bothering him last night so he nursed ALL NIGHT LONG! Now we are home and GG is in bed sleeping and Monkey is going to bed soon. Side note: GG has been really into her dress up clothes lately. She is too cute in her dress, shoes, and tiara! What a little princess :) I love my life...I have I said that lately???

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