Sunday, February 15, 2004

Our day. We didn't go to church this morning because J worked last night. So we slept in until 9am!!! That was nice...even though the kids were awake at 7:30 they watched cartoons. We went and did lots of things today. We bought some Christmas presents, I know it is a little early but it is easier on the budget when we buy throughout the year. We took the kids to McDonalds for being good while we were shopping. Then we went to J's parents, GG walked into g & g's room and said, "Look at me. Don't I look super cute!" What a little stinker. On the way to there house she said something funny in the car. She had a hat the string had broken so she asked, "Hey can you my parents fix this hat." We just looked at each other and couldn't help but laugh. She normally refers to us as my mommy or my daddy. Come to think of it she has said a lot of silly things today. Like she had to go to the bathroom so we stopped at the station. She said, "Are we going to have some more pizza?" We ate pizza last night when we went. Oh yeah both the kids loved being at the police department. We got to meet some of daddy's friends and they got to see where he goes to work when he leaves home. GG kept saying, "This is so neat!" Anyways, J put together GG's big wheel, she and Monkey had a lot of fun taking turns riding it through the house. We ate dinner there and then went to night church. That was awesome. They had a harpist come and do a concert. He played and we sang it was so uplifting. I was just mesmerized watching his hands move across the harp. It is such a beautiful sound. He had three size harps too and GG call the littlest one the baby. Monkey even played in the nursery without crying!!! I think it helped that Aunt Liz was in there. J's parents went out to dinner for V-day because they were busy yesterday. After church we gave Elizabeth a ride home, we dropped her off and drove away only to run into J's parents a block away coming home. We stopped and talked. They said they had ice cream if we wanted to go back and have some. We asked the kids if they wanted ice cream and Monkey screamed. "I KEEM!!!" So that was a definite YES! We had ice cream and hung out for awhile. We left and dropped off the movies we rented and got gas in my car ended up getting home at 9:45pm. I had two messages from co-workers wanting me to work. They already found replacements...Thank God. I didn't want to work, Mondays are one of the craziest days. Speaking of work my car got hit in the parking lot on Saturday. I wasn't really mad about the car getting hit as I was at the person who hit it and ran. From the dents the person knew they hit me (come on they left their white paint on my car) and didn't leave a note. So J told me to look for the white vehicle with my paint on it...more than likely they will go back to the Y, and get the plates. He will try and get the persons name so I can ask them about it. If they lie to me I can find out from the Y if they swiped in to work out or if they are an employee if they were working at the time. It was significant damage on the driverside passenger door and rear fender. Oh well if I find them I do if not it is only a car, right? If I find out anything I will update you, if I remember.

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