Tuesday, February 18, 2003

A lot happened today so bare with me. We got up and got ready. Then we went and ran a bunch of errands. We went to the bank, UPS, furniture store, post office, and grocery store. We made it home just in time for J to go to his back apt at 1:30. While he was gone I called the doctor's office to see if I could bring Monkey in, he just can't shack this cough he has. They could and of course GG was sleeping and J was gone. So I called a bunch of people and finally found someone who could watch GG while I ran Monkey in. They said he has the start of an Upper Respiratory Infection. They gave him a shot and prescription and sent us on our way. I can tell that he is doing much better. When we came back J was home, then he went to the hospital for third crew. While he was gone Travis came over. We gave him the new pictures of GG and Monkey. GG was so funny she handed Travis the picture of her and said, "This is Bay Yenn Iyo, here you go Uncle Travis." He took it and sat it down she immediately picked it up and said, "this is me she is a cutie pie." I guess we tell her that so much that she is now telling other people that. It just proves that she is a cutie pie! Then we ate dinner and went out once again. This time we went to Wal-mart. That store is a maze now that it is so much bigger. I just can't wait for it to be completely done so they will stop moving things around in there. One day something will be in one spot and the next it is on the other side of the store. After Wally word we rented a movie for me, a game for J and a movie for GG. Came home watched my movie and now we are getting ready for bed. I need to wrap Cole's present and get the little ones asleep and then I can call it a night. So I am off to do those things.

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