Monday, February 10, 2003

The first thing GlamorGirl said this morning is “Where’s daddy?” He had to work at the hospital today. So after we got ready we ran some errands and headed over to the hospital to see daddy. They were really busy but it was nice to get out of the house anyways. Next weekend we are not going to be here so you should call us and listen to the answering machine. It is really cute! I want to also say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kody! Lets see when we got home from running around the little ones took a nap. After the kiddies woke up Aunt Virginia called. I still think that you and Joe should move back here when you are done with school! We miss you guys don't you want to know your niece and nephew better? Enough with that. When I got off the phone we played and then I made dinner. J came home from work; changed clothes, ate, and left. Be praying that he does good on his polygraph tomorrow as well as having safe travels. Oh yeah my daughter said to me this morning, “mommy you’re the coolest.” I cherish this now because I know that one-day she will not think that. She will probably be embarrassed to be in public with me. Also today I put GG’s hair in pigtails and it looked really cute, her hair is finally long even for pigtails but not a ponytail! I am feeling a little better today which is good. I'm going to bed now so I can get even better! Goodnight.

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