Thursday, February 06, 2003

This morning we woke up and J offered to give GG a bath. As soon as he got her in the tub his pager went off and he had to leave. It was a nice gesture though. Funny story about the bathtub, I put Monkey’s small bathtub in the big tub and wash him in there. It is easier because I have found that when he pees it just goes in the big tub and not all over the floor. I get the water the right temperature and I leave it run while I give him his bath. This morning he wanted to touch the running water. He arched his back so that he could get it. When he did touch the water it splashed him in the face. Oops! But of course he is all boy and he did it again. I then moved the tub out of reach. Then we got a visitor at the door, it was the mailman with a package for THE GIRL. She got a tea set for her birthday from Grandma and Grandpa K. She played with the tea set all morning long! Thank you mom. After lunch we had doctor’s appointments. Both places were running behind so we were there forever or at least it seemed like it. Monkey got his shots today because he is finally better! I want to congratulate my friends Brian and Alyssa they are getting married March 15. I didn’t even know they were engaged until we got the wedding invitation in the mail today. They started dating when GG was about 4 months old. Anyway, tonight daddy and daughter went to the laundry mat, it was a good thing because she had no more clothes left. When they got home we watched ER as a family. It should be easy to put Monkey to sleep tonight because he is drugged up with Tylenol, it is for the pain relief. My poor little guy. Goodnight!

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