Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Jeff worked at the hospital today so after we got up and ready, Brae ate lunch we went to see him. Most little kids are afraid of the hospital, but Brae loves the hospital! As we were leaving she said, “bye bye see you later alligator!” What a goof. I tried something different with her hair today. I put it in a ponytail. Lets just say she really doesn’t have enough hair to keep it in a ponytail. She of course looked cute though. Other than the trip to the hospital we did nothing exciting. Tomorrow will be a busy day with doctor’s appointments. So I need to get the little ones to bed. Oh yea the funny story of the day. Brae tried to get into Breckin’s saucer but she got stuck. She tried getting in it thru the bottom instead of thru the top. It was a pretty funny site. She needed help getting out! I need to get myself in bed because I am exhausted. Good night all.

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