Monday, February 24, 2003

What a great day for the most part. We got up, ate, showered, and got dressed. Then Mary and Ben were here. Before they got here GlamorGirl said, “Brush my teeth so I can kiss Ben.” I’m sure Ben appreciated a clean mouth! We had a lot of fun playing and talking. Another funny thing she said today was when she was getting out of the bathtub. I said, “Ready Freddie?” and she said, “No, Brae Yin Ilo!” Mary and Ben brought some homemade cookies and a candle for us. They were here from 9:45am to 12:15pm every time Mary mentioned leaving both the kids started to get upset. They didn’t want to stop playing. While they were here our recliners came so Mary got to test drive one! After they left we ate lunch and rearranged the apartment again, we are finally happy with the way it looks. We usually let GG watch a half an hour of tv before her nap on days that she is really active, like today. It is her winding down time. As we were watching Mickey Mouse we noticed that there was a green spot on the top right hand side of the screen. We turned channels to make sure it wasn’t just the picture we were watching. So needless to say we ended up taking the tv we have had for a little over a month back to Wal-mart to get a new one. Good thing I kept the receipt. They didn’t have any in the store so we are going to have to wait to get a new one. For now we are going to have to do without one. GG keeps telling us that the tv is at the doctor’s, what a goof ball. Tonight GG got to talk on the phone with Aunt Becky, Grandma M and Uncle Travis. Anyways, we went to Wal-mart to look at other tv’s because we heard that the RCA ones will keep having this problem with the screen. While we were at Wal-mart we got some other things we needed like a present for GG’s friend John’s birthday party. She of course thinks that it is for her. It is late and J is setting up the new tv so I am going to try and get the little ones to sleep. We have another fun filled day tomorrow!

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