Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I’m going to go a little backwards today. We entered Monkey in the cutest baby contest at Wal-mart here. So if you live in the same town as us please vote for him when you go to Wal-mart. All you have to do is put any amount of money (change or bills) in his jar, he is number 5!!! He is wearing his snoopy outfit with paint spattered in the background. We greatly appreciate your vote for our sweet little man! Thank you. Well let’s see today we got up and got ready then Monkey’s (and GG’s) friend Nick and his mom Stacey came over. Stacey brought homemade pizza, yummy. We all ate and then the kids played in the toy room. They left around 2pm just in time for naptime. After dinner we went to Wal-mart again, we forgot some things last night but that was ok because we got to put Monkey in that contest. Now we are home unwinding and getting things ready for tomorrow we have an appointment at 10:30am. J had a friend come over to play playstation games. Speaking of J he got a letter from his 2nd choice job yesterday he passed the polygraph and now they are going to do a 40 hour background investigation on him. Yeah. I think that GG is a goof. She has started this new thing of telling on J or me. If she gets in trouble with J she will come and tell on daddy. It is funny when she says daddy yelled at me and I am in the next room and could hear him yelling at her. She does the same thing when she gets in trouble with me except for when daddy isn’t home. Tonight I am hoping to get everyone in bed and asleep by 10 we’ll see. I’ll let you know how that turns out tomorrow!

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