Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Well I can’t say that we got more sleep last night. Our next-door neighbors moved out and when they did they left the up stairs window open. With last night being so windy the door in the apartment next door kept slamming shut. The landlord had to come over and shut the window so the door would stop slamming. I felt bad but it was keeping GG awake. This morning J had a doctor’s appointment and he took GG with him. They came home and J soon after left to sub at Lincoln. But that was ok because after teaching he rented the movie Sweet Home Alabama. I really liked the movie it had a cute ending. During the movie one of the departments (the other one not the one we really wanted) called, of course because they want J to come for a polygraph test. I also got to talk to my sister in-law two days in a row. Last night when she called it was because of something I had done. I sent a telemarketer to her. Today’s conversation was just catching up. Then GG and I ran to the grocery store. We needed some salad dressing for dinner. We saw Kim and Kailey at the store! The rest of the night was pretty laid back. This evening about an hour before bed us girls took a bubble bath. It was good mommy and daughter bonding time. Silly story of the day: GG got a camera for Christmas and today she was walking around taking pictures. The funny thing about it was that she was holding the camera the wrong way. If it were a real camera she would have taken a really close up picture of her face!

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