Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Today was a day of cleaning! This morning when we woke up Monkey had soaked his diaper and it was leaking all over the bed. Good thing we have a waterproof sheet on the bed to protect the mattress. But other than that we had a pretty boring day just doing things around the house. I use the term house loosely! Except for lunch that was pretty crazy. We had pizza GG’s favorite. By the time she was done eating I wasn’t sure if she got more of it on her or in her mouth. She was covered in pizza sauce, which is why I always take her shirt off before she eats pizza! I will say that it was great to see J! I needed some adult conversation. He did good on his polygraph we just have to wait to hear what comes next if anything. Lets hope that tomorrow morning the diaper holds all of wetness. I think it is official GG has hit the trouble twos! I just hope we can all make it through this. From what my mom tells me I was a lot like her at this age so I guess you could say this is payback. She is only bad when I am busy with her brother other than that she is a perfect angel. Go figure!

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