Friday, February 07, 2003

Today was a lot of fun. We got up and went to have breakfast with Clifford the Big Red Dog. GG was so excited but when it came time to give him a hug she freaked out. He was fine from a distance! She would even talk to him as long as she wasn’t right next to him. After seeing Clifford we went to playgroups. This week almost everyone was there, which was nice for GG because she got to play with people she knew. When we came home we had a package outside the door. It was a present for GG from Uncle Joe and Aunt Virginia. She says thank you! We ate lunch and the little ones took a nap. It was a break for me since J went snowboarding all day long. I am glad that he got to go hangout with his friends. We played in the toy room, made dinner and chilled until J came home @ 7:15. I will say it was really nice to see him. I forgot to tell you what GG did yesterday at dinner. She was sitting at the table eating and all of a sudden she jumped off her chair and ran into the living room. She said, “GG scared of the spider.” We both thought that she was kidding but I looked at her chair and there was a spider crawling on it. I killed it with a shoe and next thing I knew GG had a shoe and was trying to kill a spider that was no longer there. It was too funny. Well it is late and I am tired so I’m going to bed.

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