Saturday, February 08, 2003

Lets see last night right before bed GlamorGirl needed to go potty. While she was sitting on the potty she got in a fight with it and the potty won. She pulled the sit onto her back and when she tried to put it back up she got her finger stuck. It smashed her little finger pretty bad. I guess she won't do that next time. Today we went to Wal-Mart and got some things, it is crazy in there. No one knows where anything is I can’t wait until the store is completely finished. They are making it into a super Wal-Mart. Then we went to the grocery store. I don’t think I will ever go grocery shopping on a Saturday again. The aisles were so packed that you could hardly get through them. After GG took her nap J and her made cookies. Of course they both wore the chefs hats that Joe and Virginia had sent. They both looked very cute. I took a picture so it will someday be on her web page. This afternoon my friend Marni came over. She was in J and my wedding and she lives four hours away. She graduated from Western last May. GlamorGirl had a lot of fun with her. She showed her all of her little tricks and talents. The most impressive thing she can do is say her abc's (and that she is absolutely and completely daytime and nighttime potty trained!). She can say all of them the only problem is some of the letters are not pronounced exactly right but close enough for a 2 year old! I'll stop bragging now. (But every parent is proud of their children) Marni even let her answer her cell phone when it rang. The person on the other end was very confused! It was great to see her we have been friends since our freshman year of college! We talked about how most of our friends have gotten married and some are starting to have children (J and I being one of the couples with little ones.) among other things. It is fun to see what life brings. GG’s new phrase of the day was “no problem” I guess J and I say that a lot to her when she asks for things! Also Monkey is really starting to rock on his hands and knees I have a feeling it will not be long and he will begin crawling, and then heaven help us walking. Well we need some sleep we are planning on going to church tomorrow.

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