Friday, February 28, 2003

Let’s see…so much has happened today. We got up at 7:50am got ready for playgroup and left here around 9:10am. After playgroup it was to Monkey’s doctor’s appointment. He had to get a shot today, poor little guy. He weighs 19lbs 10oz. GG didn’t even weight that at a year. He was 27 1/8 long. When we got finished with the doctor’s we went to the ER where daddy was working. We had lunch with him and caught up on the things that happened at his interview with the second choice place yesterday. I guess it went pretty well the detective is from the same place as J and has two small children so they had a lot in common. Then we came home and the kids took their naps a little earlier than usual but they got up earlier, maybe they will go to bed earlier, yeah right! While they were napping I read more in that book. I recommend this book to everyone! While I was typing an email I noticed that GG was being too quiet in her toy room so I went to check on her. She had gotten earrings out of her drawer and was trying to put them on. Last night before bed she took out one of her earrings so I just took them out. Well she decided that she wanted to wear them again. The only problem was that she lost the back to one of them. I wanted to scream. It took me a half an hour to find it, but I am glad I did. If I wouldn’t have found it then Monkey couldn’t play on the floor up stairs until we did find it. After that happened we went downstairs and I sat in the rocking chair to nurse Monkey. GG wanted something to eat and I told her to wait. She immediately said, “after Monkey done nursing!” She catches on fast. Well she was standing there she was messing with Monkey’s head I moved my hand to protect him for her possibly hurting him. Instead I poked her in the eye. I told her I was sorry for poking her eye and she said, “I got a poker eye.” She is still learning! Jeff got home at 7:15ish and we eat dinner as a family and talked more about what happened yesterday with the detective and now all three of them are reading books together. Next it is the daunting task of getting them to sleep so we can go to sleep.

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